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Leather Superior Corset


10 panels cut to sculpt the
female form
Variable reduction dependent on requirements
Boned back panel allowing for weight gain or loss
Can be worn with or without bra (bra not supplied!)
Skin / Leather
Lush, extra lightweight, super smooth Japanese cowhide, a by-product of Kobe beef.
  Click for a skin sample
Crepe satin - tactile and very strong
Black only
Sizing (UK sizes - click for comparison chart)
Small (fits sizes 6-10)
Medium (fits sizes 10-14)
Large (fits sizes 14-18)
Up to 4" reduction
P&P is £9.30 to the UK
  Overseas P&P

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leather corset front
leather corset back

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About the Superior Corset

Having studied the design and construction of numerous other leather corset manufacturers (even those who have been established for over 100 years), we have been frequently disappointed with the standard and method of construction.

Corsets were very rarely fully lined, while bonings tended to protrude through the corset, digging in to the wearer and causing great discomfort.

Consequently, The Ultimate Leather set about addressing the failings of previous manufacturers of corsets. The Superior leather corset is fully lined, making it a totally sealed garment which is far less likely to separate.

Other manufacturers merely put the boning in a surface mounted sleeve, as opposed to making it an integral part of the construction of the corset.


We have sourced a very robust type of boning, seldom used in this application, which is plastic covered steel. This retains its shape excellently and will not kink or crease, even when drawn in to a 4 inch reduction.

The idea of a leather corset is to flatter, enhance, and reduce the waistline. This is not always the case, and frequently we have seen corsets that are ill fitting and do not emphasise the body - including several A-list celebrities wearing corsets with designer labels, whose designers don't necessarily understand the complexities of corsetry.

The Superior leather corset addresses all these issues, and as our customers testify, will impress and thrill all those that try it on, as well as giving many years of pleasure.



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